How to effectively use retractable banner ad to promote

Age of the Internet, all kinds of opportunities are likely to emerge, such as a network audition is an important channel for banner advertisers to interact with consumers to create a new blue ocean. Some network selection to create consumer participation, even greater than the physical activities. Network to promote the success of the selection of what should pay attention to what matters?
Beautiful or interesting things that can be effectively evoke the public curiosity, a wide range of popular selection of activities has been the banner advertisers and consumers interact to create the volume of one of the key pipeline; but how effective advocacy, enhance participation, and maximize limited funding to create effective retractable banners promotion, has always been the biggest challenge of the marketing staff.

How 7-ELEVEn use Retractable Banners in their marketing creative

Chain Store diversified services industry is increasingly competitive.  How 7-ELEVEn wins the business with creative Retractable Banner marketing.  We have more than 8,000 convenience stores, including the well-known supermarkets the 7-ELEVEn, the whole family FamilyMart, Hi-Life and OK. These distributors along with a strong shelves and marketing advantages, with the rapid expansion of the store strategy, first grab the corner grocery store business, then also extends tentacles in various fields, in an attempt to secure more business opportunities, including office workers meals, drinks, shopping, bill payment, stationery, and other services.

All convenience stores began diversifying his business, providing catering or payment services have been a rare, 7-ELEVEn What are the unique creativity to the results of $ 100 billion in annual revenue, the path in the ever-changing battlefield stand out?

Insight into the business opportunities to grab breakfast 100 billion market

8:00 in the morning, the sound of the cash register switch prevalent, this 7-ELEVEn staff are busy checkout, because "eating family" who rush to work after another influx of supermarkets, helped myself a best-selling sandwiches to go go out into the counter . You will find that these people are usually not only pay for a product, they would choose to checkout with soy milk, juice or coffee.

How Mazda use retractable banner stands to build a younger image

Car from the truck into a Japanese-style room, and then become more modern streamlined cars, MAZDA use which key strategy, so that the market share of only 0.7% of the original brand, becoming the best-selling car brand sold 20,000 units in the year.
MAZDA re-transformation from a Japanese car, change from the conservative and lively, bring more young consumer groups. Photo courtesy: MAZDA US

Japanese decorative ceiling, full of retractable banner stand and lightbox about 200 square meters of space, the oncoming Service the staff bowed Welcome, subsequently handed him a Japanese-style refreshments, guests can enjoy wandering around in the atmosphere and service in a wind.

This is not a Japanese foreign fruit shop, not a Japanese restaurant, but the new car Exhibition Center MAZDA. The holistic and packaging, to the consumer in reward car Japanese cultural experience, leaving the Hara family immersed in the Japanese landscape Cuizhu in. It is hard to believe, MAZDA in the US distributor MAZDA US not take over before a little advertising, and do not pay attention to the brand of service.